The Holistic Rebalance Session

The Holistic Rebalance Session is a safe and secure cell emotional releasing memories body healing process that includes and combines the more powerful transformational techniques of the world to activate the R.A.S. (Reticular System Activation) for unleash your inner prosperity and is divided into two unique experiences:
1. by the HR Evaluation in just 3 minutes your body reveals the secret dysfunctional memories you unconsciously hide in it which are the origin of what is holding you back from creating the life you deserve.
2. Holistic Rebalance Session that deeply works on 5 levels: body, mind, subconscious mind, frequencies and energies by a light hands stimulation of specific emotional body-points.

The unique experience for your inner evolution

Every Holistic Rebalance Session is a Unique experience of inner evolution by which you increase in a sustainable and natural way the oxytocin, the endorphins, and the serotonin in the brain which are the natural hormones of Happiness, getting low the levels of cortisol that cause many body stress issues. By our Holistic Rebalance Session, You get a long-lasting healthier and balanced spirit, mind and body state even activating your own R.A.S. (Reticular Activation System) for unleashing your inner prosperity.

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Start to configure your life

You start to configure your life with more intentional choices in order to guide it in the direction of realizing what is really close to your heart, rather than enduring a life that is close to you and that someone else has planned for you.
Explore new possibilities and take, finally, the reins of Your responsibility in creating what you really want.
You become stronger and resilient, able to courageously face all the challenges of life.
Everything is clearer and more defined. You feel more complete, satisfied, and capable.
You can better share your gifts, leaving a significant sign in others, with your vocation.

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Holistic Rebalance Session

Holistic Rebalance session creates a long-lasting link to changes that become more sustainable and synergistic as they involve the subconscious, and the memory of the body, where beliefs and habits are formed. It is a multi-dimensional approach that helps you make significant turns in a unique way and that is designed to adapt to you.  

You are now one step closer to your Amazing and Unique Experience of pure Wellbeing. Please pay below and follow the instructions to schedule your session.

Your investment is €269 for a session of 120 minutes.