Are You living the life You want or are You living the life You have been born to live?
Are You still struggling in Your life?
You are not alone anymore! Experience the Holistic Rebalance Session and learn how to flow easily and effortless in your true life purpose!

Once Hanna in Sweden that was totally overwhelmed by a mourning that she never overcome emotionally. I still remember her story, she was suffering of unexpected crisis of crying and after few sessions she come back to me with a big and grateful smile and declaring that she was finding her inner peace again and smiling she found a new taste for life.

I still remember the sound of the cry of Bernadette when I open the door of my studio in Italy and she said Thank you Tiziana I bought the ticket to move abroad. Thanks to you I feel confident and happily motivated to start my new life. Can You imagine that? And only few sessions before she was freeze in her dysfunctional past believes about herself, like I’m too old for this. The fun part of this story is that today all her life successfully has been changed so deep that she doesn’t want to be back in Italy anymore.

“Holistic Rebalance session is an indescribable spiritual and powerful experience that land in a Fantastic and progressive relaxation state of mind in which all the positive feelings and emotions expand! Each session is unique as the great results that I got in a consistent and progressive way. I even ended a toxic relationship effortless.
Highly recommended

Letizia Valletta Casadei – TV Producer & Tv Host (Italy)

I was skeptical! But already from the first of the 8 sessions of Holistic Rebalance Session, I started to feel good about myself. I learned to put myself first, to love me more and to say No even when I was afraid of hurting someone. I feel free to discover another stronger me, who is also improving in business. Thank you.

Alberto Palladini IT entrepreneur (Bologna – Italy)

“The Holistic Rebalance Session improvement path undertaken with Tiziana has allowed me to acquire functional and useful knowledge and tools for a growth of awareness and of my potential. Thanks to this, it was possible to pursue and achieve important goals and changes. In all this I found a lot of professionalism and attention.”

Thank you so much!

Cristina Trotta – Retail Store Manager (Rimini – Italy)

“I needed to recharge and regenerate after a cancer experience. Here, I got rid of the last remnants of emotions of ancient pain, with courage, during the Holistic Rebalance Sessions in a way so natural and painless that I was surprised! I feel unstoppable. Thanks is not enough.”

Francesco Laghezza – Entrepreneur- Network Marketing Master Coach (Turin – Italy)

“Tiziana Palazzo is positive, intuitive and well skilled and has easily inserted me into a different vision of present life, analyzing and correcting limiting and repetitive behaviors and thoughts. Through Holistic Rebalance Session she showed me how simple and possible it is to redirect the mind, correcting it smoothly and without trauma. An experience that made me enthusiastic.”

Raffaella Miccichè – Entrepreneur Designer (Roma – Italy)

“Feeling love and understanding. Peace and calm like a free bird who needs to try wings for the first time ever. I felt saved and protected during the Holistic Rebalance Session! “

Emma Wiklund – Responsible corporate cooperation at Sweden for UNHCR (Stockholm – Sweden)

Unbelievable! After the Holistic Rebalance Session, I felt a lot of good emotions. Pleasure, Relaxed and Committed.

Haiko Ratzburg Group Leader at Nobina Södertälje (Depån- Sweden)

“I’m free to be me! No more fears. Ready to step out into the true world of my capacity. Ride like the golden eagle and feel the freedom that I’m here to be. Enough is Enough, goodbye to disrespect. I can finally live without that. Now I’m ready to tap in the full Light! Love
Thanks to the Holistic Rebalance Session

Jeanette Carleson – Transformational NLP Master Coach – Speaker (Stockholm – Sweden)

I was in a time of painful transition. I was getting divorced, I was angry, confused and disappointed. I saw everything so negative and with no way out. Then I met Tiziana Palazzo and I discovered the Holistic Rebalance Session and thanks to the H.R. Sessions, my life has progressively changed profoundly. Now I feel stronger, calm and grounded. I learned to forgive myself and I stop complaining. I have a new love relationship with a fantastic woman, a new job, a new home and I feel like a better father to my daughter. And all in a natural and spontaneous way. Thank you by heart

Francesco Orabona Factory Skilled Worker (San Marino – RSM)